Adipic acid








PPG utilization

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Opt Product name Company name Region Feb 23 Feb 24 Feb 25 Feb 26 Feb 27 Change
PPG Fangda Jinhua Chemical Technology NE China /
PPG CSPC South China /
PPG Shandong Dongda North China /
PPG Fujian Meizhouwan Chlor-Alkali Industry South China /
PPG Jiangsu Zhongshan Chemical East China /
PPG Jiahua Chemicals (Binzhou) North China /
PPG Jiahua Chemical (Fushun) New Material NE China /
PPG Shanghai Fujia Fine Chemical East China /
PPG Shaoxing Hengfeng Polyurethane Industry East China /
PPG Jurong Ningwu New Material East China /
PPG Zibo Dixin Lianbang Chemical North China /
PPG Hebei Yadong Chemical Group North China /
PPG Nanjing Jinpu Jinhu Chemical East China /
PPG Langfang Quanzhen Chemical North China /
PPG Shandong Befar North China /
PPG Tianjin Kangshun Chemical North China /
PPG Shandong Longhua Chemical North China /
PPG Shandong Yinuo New Materials North China /
PPG Nanjing Jinqi Chemical Group East China /
PPG Wudi Dexin Chemical North China /
PPG Shandong Lianchuang Energy Saving New Material North China /
PPG Tianjin Petrochemical Company-the Third Petrochemical Plant North China /
PPG KPX Chemical Polyhydric Alcohols (Nanjing) East China /
PPG Nanjing Hongbaoli East China /
PPG Wanhua Rongwei Polyurethane East China /
PPG Changshu Yitong Polyurethane Product East China /
PPG Zibo Nuoli Chemical North China /
PPG Jiangsu Changhua Polyurethane East China /